My name is pyradim or pyr, I'm queer, trans, and gay. I live in the US, I'm 14, and I started T on August 14th, 2020. I love the old internet, design, Polaroid, rollerskating, etc. :)

I created a neocities site cause I had the design of this place in mind for ages now, and I wanted to make a little space for myself and my interests. I've got lots of art I want to share, things I just want to keep around, and stuff I want to talk about!

Stuff like this:
Polaroid // rollerskating // design // Jim Henson // miniatures // embroidery // board & card games // scenecore // atcs // digital art // Portal // Utopia // music // exploring my city

Someday I'll probably make a separate page for this, but for now...
Crystal Castles // Tame Impala // Justice // Wilco // Cake // Steely Dan // Vulfpeck // La Roux // SIAMES // Madonna // Lady Gaga // Gorillaz //