Welcome to the site! This layout is its third iteration. You'll find restocks and announcements below on this page, but everything is also organized separately in the folders on the sides.

New Year's Rambling

I was gonna make a post with lots of my old art that I made before I started this iteration of the site, but now I'm not really sure what I want to do. I think I'll just slowly introduce those pieces to the site when I feel like, without making any big long restock post for that. In other news, the about page exists now :)


My New Year's resolution last year was to finish as many projects as possible. I'm not really sure if I've done that more than I've created new projects, but I think that goal has led me to create more things than ever before. Every year my setup for working on projects improves, too. I've recorded 3 songs this year (the last one me and my dad recorded yesterday!), made 41 separate vector images, created my first complex halloween costume, done about 20 different digital drawings depending on how you count it, made 3 different little clay things, nade about 5 miniature pieces of furniture, and, generally, been way more productive when compared to previous years. I could really go on about things I've done.

I don't mean any of that as a gloat (for the most part, haha)- more as inspiration, hopefully? I consider myself a very slow worker. A good amount of my friends have drawn nearly 100 finished pieces this year compared to my 20, a few have started recording entire albums of their own, and I'm sure most of them have completed more projects than I did. But... I don't care! The important part, I think, is being satisfied with what you've done, and challenging yourself in a pleasant way. Many people say you have to draw every day to get better at drawing. That's probably true if you want to get better fast, but the quality of work and the way that you go about it, I think, are more important.

Judging by my numbers I drew around 2 things per month- that's not very much at all! But my style has progressed in that time. It's only gotten easier and faster to draw humans over this year. I believe my composition has improved. My ability to draw and shade folds has absolutely, undoubtedly improved. The "draw every day" advice has always intimidated me as someone who wants to draw for fun. If anything, as a semi-perfectionist, I think it stopped me from drawing more than anything.

In my opinion and experience, if you draw at least somewhat regularly, and with the intent to improve (by doing studies, analyzing what you're weak in, etc.) you can, in fact, improve without drawing every day. Of course, drawing more often will yield more improvement, but all I'm saying is it's not an absolute REQUIREMENT for improving. And, ultimately, my point is: just because you don't do something every day, or even often, doesn't mean you'll lose all your skill. Draw for fun. If it's not fun, don't draw that day. You don't have to have a study or specific thing in mind to improve upon- drawing at all is an improvement. There is no drawing requirement- or any requirement for any other hobbies.

Even just doing related things is very helpful, I believe. 3D modeling in blender has probably helped my miniature making. Drawing for vector art, drawing for linocut (and when doing linocut: thinking about positive and negative space), painting on clay, thinking about design, and thinking about composition for photography have probably all contributed to my digital illustration skills. If you feel stuck, try some related mediums. If you're struggling to embroider, or enjoy embroidery, try some sewing or something that requires a lot of hand-eye coordination- or something that requires a lot of attention-to-detail. All of those related skills will probably improve your embroidery. The same goes for any hobby. Just because you don't, specifically, embroider constantly doesn't mean you aren't working on your embroidery if you sew or work with your hands in your spare time.


In short: you don't have to do a specific task every single day to improve. You don't even have to improve to have fun. If something is just a hobby and not your livelihood, focus on what makes it fun. If you feel stuck with your hobby, and want to get better, try other things you like which might improve related skills. Don't be discouraged if you don't have a lot of time or have trouble sticking to a routine. Every single thing you do affects all of your other abilities- every time you pick up and manipulate something, every time you catch a ball, every time you read or look at others' art you are doing something. The more you do the better you get. Just go for it! Do things!

Good luck, happy New Year, and do lots of stuff this year! My resolution, at least, is going to be the same as last time.


Sorry for missing the restock in the middle of this month, finals and making Christmas present absolutely killed me. There'll be another post tomorrow (or a few days after haha) for the New Year!

Speaking of which, here are some Christmas cards I made this year :)

I also completed the highland cow! Top right is the print on paper, bottom right is the print on fabric. Bottom left is a pillow I made out of that fabric print (unfortunately I rushed so much through making it that I don't have a picture of the pillow when it's actually stuffed) as a Christmas present. I have to make one more cow pillow for a class, though, so hopefully I'll actually manage to get a picture of that when I get around to it.

Also here's a very low quality picture I took :)

Here is a somewhat wonky incense holder I made for my friend for secret santa! It was honestly really fun to make and I really, really want to make more clay stuff like this.

This was also for the same secret santa, a little jewlery tray. This was my first time painting on polymer clay BEFORE baking it and also my first time putting a shiny finish on something so I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! Definitely going to try to make some more things like this (I want some trays and incense holders for myself, haha).

And I've also made a lot of progress with Greek Iceland! Maps! The gradient around the island is water temperature, the warmer the color the warmer the water. I have a LOT of things to add to the google doc which I haven't done yet, but there are a lot of world-mechanic things that will really separate this project from Greek mythology I believe. Here's a short summary:

> The clouds hold up the palace of the gods. When the gods are watching down on a specific part of the island, the sky above that part is overcast.

> Birds, being able to go above the cloud level (clouds are closer to the ground in this world) are believed to be messengers of the gods.

> Different weather patterns mean different things about the gods' opinion of a specific part of the island.

> More separation of titans and gods. Gods exist because of worship from humans, titans will always exist and are not dependent on anything. The more a god is worshipped the more powerful they are. Titans have no specific home like gods do, and don't watch over humans unless humans are screwing with their domain.

> Maybe introducing "aspects"- as in, there is one core deity with different aspects of themself, or that two deities hold the same domain or something. I'm not sure. This is only going to be a thing because I think there are certain domains which are both related to and not related to humans, meaning there would need to be a god AND a titan for it. Fire is the biggest example with this, I think. So Veros might be getting some changes.

Finally, I don't like Harry Potter but my friends made me take a patronus test and... my patronus is a salmon. I've never been more sad.


Three days late this time, I expect it'll go like this pretty often. Posts are officially gonna be on the middle day (usually 15th) and last day of each month. So essentially every fortnight. Art output is gonna vary each time based just on how busy I am.

Here are the pins! I found out that there was a colony of seed shrimp (ostracoda) living in my frog tank that I had somehow not noticed for a long time, so I tried to draw them on a pin but it turned out pretty creepy haha. I want to make a point of putting ALL of my art, even what I don't like, on here. I love the little seed shrimp- they're much cuter than I portrayed them, and they're good for the tank :) The frog pin was to go along with it.
The holiday pins aren't cause I like Christmas all that much, a relative's work was having a contest to see who would wear the most holiday-themed stuff so I made her these.

Officially finished this kandi cuff, minus cutting all the strings short. Gonna add a section for kandi to hold all of these. I'll hopefully open an online store soon to sell smaller cuffs, but no promises on that yet.

Made a mushroom-themed hexahexaflexagon, here's its traverse. I know the numbers are backwards but this is what made the most sense to me when I actually used it irl.

Planning to put this onto lino (real lino this time- not easy carve). Finally got vellum paper so it should be easy, knock on wood.

A rare illustration- with no ulterior motives or further plans! Here's Veros, of the Greek Iceland (WIP name) project. God of fire and runners, mostly sprinters, since I think that fits with how a fire spreads quickly and "races" through flammable materials.

Finally: a random photo from photography class. We were supposed to make something themed around lighting so I found a place with weird blue light to put this mannequin we happened to have.


Only a day later than planned- a great start. I haven't quite decided yet, but I think I'll be posting restocks on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month. If this isn't enough time for me to actually produce art, I'll change it to once a month. We'll see how it goes! This week I give you some buttons, some instant photography, a linocut project, the phone case of the week, a worldbuilding project update, and a camera review.

Here are the pins. These were just really quick warmups for doing more productive things. I find it useful to start with an easy task just to prove to myself that I can actually get myself together.

These are pictures of 3 out of 5 of my cats taken with the Kodak printomatic. Not my best work but since a picture is only 50 cents I didn't try too hard.

A relief I'm yet to actually print. This one was annoying- my first time trying to copy something from another piece of paper. I just ordered vellum paper (which works great for transferring graphite onto lino!) but this was before I had any sort of tracing or transfer paper. Grids.... not a fan.

The review. I've written an amateur review on the Kodak Printomatic, which so far has been a treat to have.

This month's phone case! Text says "silly billy" btw.

And finally, the worldbuilding update. This time I've been thinking about the clothes they wear while working- particularly blacksmiths (and particularly particularly Panotil's clothing). Not a huge addition but my god... researching sucks.

Yet Another Redo

I'm back! You can't kill me that easily. The first restock will come tomorrow and the rest of the site will fill in from there.