What's this for?
The aesthetic of DeathSurplus is an idea I've had in my head for a long time. Right now it's a place to store art, writing, and other projects I'm working on, but in the future it'll probably have a more specific purpose. This is pretty much my junk drawer :)

My buttons:

Nov 24 2020
Redid the art page so that it's less incongruent with the rest of this amalgamation of a site. Will be putting some photography on there soon! And maybe some actual drawings of mine, eventually. I've made quite a bit of stuff I'd like to share.

Nov 20 2020
This trans day of rememberence I wanted to actually put some thoughts out there. I've been thinking a lot about what life in my city must have been like for older gays. I feel so lucky that I can walk outside in public dressed however wildly I want to and not be jumped. I just feel so grateful that I can shout back at the people who shout at me and not be arrested or beaten. I cannot thank the generations before me enough for fighting so hard for everyone's safety.

Nov 19 2020
Added the skate diary! May also sometimes function as a regular diary but I wanted to document my rollerskating timeline.
(Also fixed the problem where once you enter the skate diary you could never leave the skate diary lol)